Alps Art and Culture

Owning a mountain Chalet allows to enjoy the rich Art and Culture in the wonderful Alps mountains, where you can find many castles, museums, theatres, and places with great historical interest and beautiful events such as historical pageants. The Alpine region touches Italy, Austria, Switzerland, France… and the result is a fascinating mix of Art and Culture, with many traditional customs to be discovered.


Mountain Chalet: Alps Art and Culture – Castles and Historical Locations

Alpine Art and Culture are influenced from Alps mountains’ history and the influences received first by the dominators and then by distinguished visitors who came to the magnificent Alpine region for skiing and relaxing. The Alps landscape is dotted with dozens of castles and historic homes, many of which today are open to the public. They contribute to enrich the Art and Culture scenario on Alps mountains.


Mountain Chalet: Alps Art and Culture – Centenary Traditions

Alps mountains Art and Culture range from Tyrol’s stunning beautiful traditional costumes to the vintage in France and South Tyrol, from summer traditional events to the well-known “magic” Alps Christmas markets and much more… Owning your luxury chalet will allow you to enjoy Alps Art and Culture. Contact us for details.


Mountain Chalet: Alps Art and Culture – Music

For Alps mountains Art and Culture music plays an important role. On the mountain locations you can find several musical events, from the most important international jazz concert to various art and music performances which enrich the Alps mountains Art and Culture. The music scene of Alps mountains Art gladdens the summer evenings in the spectacular settings of the Alps, where countless concert calendars are organized by each municipality.


Mountain Chalet: Alps Art and Culture – the Historical Pageants

On Alps mountains you can admire spectacular historical pageants involving hundreds of extras wearing period costumes and relive battles and other historical events that have shaped the territory’s history, influencing Alps mountains Art and Culture. Contact us for further information!


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