A Luxury Chalet Wine Property is a dream that is possible with the help of the experienced team of Chalet Rent! Our team will find for you a selection of Luxury Chalet Wine Property such as a Luxury Chalet, Wine Farm, Country House with vineyards, or a Luxury Mountain Cottage, a Country Villa, an Historic Villa or a Castle with private vineyards, where you and your family can produce YOUR OWN wine!


Luxury Chalet Wine Property – Your Own Wine

If you appreciated Ski and Alps mountains, that means you like good things in life. So, why not producing YOUR OWN WINE in a Luxury Chalet Wine Property, Contact us and our team will make this possible!


Luxury Chalet Wine Property – the Vineyards

Mountain wine landscapes are extraordinary and unique, with vineyards located on slopes dizzying, almost inaccessible, where are produced great wines. Often a mountain wine property can be found in a Castle, Historic Cottage, Country House, Historic Villa surrounded by a landscape of endless vineyards which create suggestive geometric designs. In this fabulous context you can find your Luxury Chalet Wine Property for sale!


Luxury Chalet Wine Property – Landscape

With the help of the teams of Chalet Rent and Ville da Sogno, you’ll get your Luxury Chalet Wine Property, surrounded by the wonderful Alps landscape. Try to imagine to admire the stunning Alps countryside while you’re tasting YOUR wine from the veranda of YOUR Luxury Chalet Wine Property. A dream? Contact us and we will make this dream come true!


Luxury Chalet Wine Property – Mountain Wines

In your Luxury Chalet Wine Property you can produce great wines, such as Chardonnay, Gewürztraminer, Müller Thurgau, Sauvignon, Silvaner, Riesling, or Moscato amongst white wines, or Merlot, Pinot, Cabernet, Lagrein, Syrah or Teroldego amongst red wines.


Luxury Chalet Wine Property – Off-Market Wine Property

Most of Luxury Chalet Wine Property that produce great wines are “off-market”, as they are not offically for sale, so we can’t advertise them. To find your Luxury Chalet Wine Property for sale and produce your wine, contact us and we’ll make for you a targeted search in the Alps mountain location you prefer.


Luxury Chalet Wine Property – Real Estate Market

Owning a beautiful Luxury Chalet Wine Property is becoming “trendy”. Do you also like the idea of spending your holidays in a Luxury Chalet Wine Property, Winery Farm, luxury Country House, Rustic House, Cottage or Farmhouse with vineyards, where you produce your own wine?



If you don’t find what you are looking for, contact us and we will make a customized search according to your needs.